General Terms and Conditions


The loan agreement is made directly between you (the client) and White HK Ltd (Art owner & gallery.) There are no third companies involved.


Application: Upon receipt of your companies application. WHITE HK Ltd will review and may request additional information. Please note that WHITE HK Ltd reserves the right to reject any application without reason. 

Cost: There are no costs for loaning of the art work. Installation charges and Damage Liability charges apply. See below.

The client (you) does not have the right to state it owns the artwork, unless formally purchased.


Refundable Deposit: Regardless of the face value, these are valuable 'one off' works of art, that can not be replaced. A refundable deposit will be required to be received prior to installation. The deposit is 50% of the stated full value of the art work. 

Term: Minimum term per artwork in any company is six (6) months when the signed loan agreement is submitted. After which time the artwork will be removed. 

Termination: You, (the client), or WHITE HK Ltd, may terminate the loan agreement by providing 1 months notice. With the exception of the 'Purchase' clause.


Purchase: The art work on display is available for sale at anytime. A sale will superede the term of the loan agreement and art work may be removed within 3 working days upon a successful sale. Sales are managed solely by WHITE HK Ltd. 


Damage: In the event of any damage of the art piece whilst installed on premises for any reason. You (the client) are responsible to reimburse WHITE HK Ltd the full value of the artwork as stated in the loan agreement. 

Installation Location: The location of where the artwork is displayed is to be pre-determined and stated in the formal loan agreement.

We ask that you, (the client), not de-install or move the artwork as damages may occur in the process, and you will be liable to terms under 'Damage'

Installation Cost: There is no cost to installation. The artwork must be installed and de-intsalled by WHITE HK Ltd only.

Signage: A small sign is to be display alongside the art piece stating the following information: For Sale Notice, Name of Art, Date of Completion, Dimensions of Art Piece, Contact Details including: Website, Email and Phone Number. This is a non-negoitatble requirement.

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